Faster import into OpenERP

When I first got in touch with OpenERP I was really astonished. It looked beautiful, got almost everything I need for my company, a real deal.

Then I started a migration project from my old business software to OpenERP, and first thing to do is import data. And then came first disappointment. It was really slow.

It took 30 minutes just to import 2600 Partners. What about 16500 products? How long will it take?

That's the reason I created Speed Import, a tool that accomplishes same task - import data - but in a matter of seconds. For 2600 Partners and 16500 Products it took 11 seconds. Now, that's a time saver.

You can see a video demonstration on Youtube here.

Since then, I'm on a mission to develop fast import tool, that brings consistently good results. You can import data over and over again, and don't have to wait for anything. I'm working hard on making it more user friendly, documentation and user guides that can make Speed Import more usable for you.

SpeedImport OpenERP import that's fast

You can track our progress on

At the moment Speed Import deals with Partners, Product Categories and Products.

It still needs few more features to be better, like relationships between objects and better documentation. But I'm working on it.

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