Look here. This is my blog. One of the millions that exist on the Internet.

What i'm going to write about? It's not going to be impressions from my last weekend with the family on the coast, or how i cooked a nice meal, or my photo album review. I think you get the picture.

I'll write about problems that I ran into during my business activity and how I try to solve them with software that I created.

My business

What is my business? I've worked with computers since my childhood, and since them knew that I want to be in IT business. I've educated myself, went to Information Science college, and here I am know, developing applications in family owned company. That's my primary business.

Again since my childhood, my father produced grapes and wine. At first it was his after-work-hobby, but since he's an entrepreneur, he couldn't stay on that level and continued to build wine business. I've worked and helped in the winery for many years now. By that I gathered knowledge how to produce wine, and what are the problems in wine production. I got so involved in wine business, that I started thinking how to bring software and wine business together.

And that's how idea of creating software for wineries came to my mind.

Post themes

I'll write about importance of data that we produce in winery everyday activities. Software can really help winemaker, not only in production part of wine business, but even when taking notes during wine tasting far away from their winery.

I'm working in family company that does electrical installations, climate installations, sells electrical equipment and similar things. I always see room for improvement, and how software can help a company to do certain things efficiently, cheaper and faster. So i'll write about that problems and solutions for it.

In the end, a little disclaimer. I live in Croatia, so English is not my native language. I want to apologize to all readers if there is some grammatical mistake, or something isn't written well.

Some posts that are intended for Croatian readers will be writter in Croatian language, but they will be marked with [HR] symbol at the beginning of the title.

So, if you're interested in wine software, winery software, winery data, e-commerce solutions and enhancements and some general business solutions, I hope you'll find something interesting for you to read.

If you have some business problem that you think a piece of software could solve, feel free to contact me, and I'll provide feedback if I have a solution.

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